Saturday, November 29, 2014

Buying A Home In Our California Winter

When I first started in real estate, I was told by many - Go on vacation in November or December - because the market is dead! Funny thing that December, I had 3 Transactions >>
Yes the spring and summer are the high seasons for home sales, but Winter can be a buyer’s market. If you don’t mind fewer homes for sale or traveling around on the holidays, the winter might be a good time for you to look for that perfect home. And by the way I know it seems crazy to say "Winter in Southern California" but; Believe it or not - sometimes it gets in the low 60's - WOW!
Fewer Homes - But Less Hassle
The most active Real Estate seasons doesn't necessarily mean you will get your perfect home. People do buy and sell homes 12 months out of the year. Most will wait until the summer because that's traditionally when families want to get moved before school starts. On the flip side - keep in mind that November through January prices usually have flattened, and that means you will get more for your buck! What many seem to miss, this is also the time that job relocations may come up, as the start of the year is just around the corner. Some may just want a change or get into a smaller home.

Think of it this way. Instead of looking thorough hundreds of homes during the busy months, you just may find your perfect home in less time and at a better price.While there may be fewer homes to choose from, the smaller selection can save you a lot of time, and possibly money.
Another positive in buying now; during the summer months you may have to wade though many offers and have to make your decision over night in order to get the home you want.
During our so called winter months it's not such a rush and you could always ask for more - as in a lower price, lower points on that mortgage and maybe some furnishings. 
Will the Home Stay Warm and Cool When Needed?
What a better time to find out if the windows leak or the heating works. Were the windows Single or Double Pane? When you were touring the home was it cold? Did you smell any fumes from the heating system?

Working with your Realtor
During the busy selling months, many Realtors may have more clients to deal with and may not have as much time to work with you. In fact most all of the vendors will have more time for you now, and just may offer better deals, as their business has slowed down.
Federico Filippi-Webmaster 

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