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1955 Bus
A 1955 Volkswagen Bus was recently sold for $235,000 by a German auction company, the highest price ever paid at auction for one the iconic minibuses.
The microbus, as its popularly known, is best remembered today for its role as cheap -- and not entirely reliable -- transportation for bands of highway-bound hippies during the 1960s. With its pie-sized VW logo resembling a peace sign gone haywire, the Microbus, along with the closely>
related VW Beetle, became an icon of the 1960s counter culture.

With bare bones, bench-like seating for up to nine and a clanging air-cooled engine that put out, in this case, 30 horsepower, the classic VW bus is the precise opposite of the indulgent luxury automobiles and powerful muscle cars that usually get big auction money. But thanks to their emotional appeal, VW buses have been getting more collector attention. That's especially true in cases, like this one, when an old bus remains in nearly original condition.

These weren't the sorts of vehicles that led pampered lives. They were beloved largely for their ability to absorb repeated abuse and easily be returned to running condition.
The "sealing-wax red" and black microbus sold in this auction, by contrast, seems to have led a life meant for a Ferrari. With only 6,400 miles on its odometer, it was in excellent condition.
It was a 9-seat Samba Microbus Deluxe, a version distinguished by chrome hubcaps and a big chrome VW badge, a two-tone paint job and a huge cloth sunroof. It was the most luxurious version of the micro-bus sold at the time.

It had 23 windows including all the narrow windows around the roof. Generally speaking, 23-window buses are considered more valuable than those with fewer windows. This was one of only 11 Sambas from 1955, according to the auction house Auctionata.

Before this, the highest price ever paid for a micro-bus had been about $218,000 at a Barrett-Jackson auction in 2011 in California. The microbus went into production in 1950. The last VW bus was produced in Brazil in 2013. About 3.5 million of the buses were made worldwide over the years.

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