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Free tips on how to buy a home
Buying The Right Home
Finding the right home can be daunting at times. We all have our "Must Haves" in our New Home. We've either waited for years on buying a new home or this could be your first home, and of course we want it to be perfect. If you take your time>
and not feel pressured and look at the home with a Very open mind-then your off to the right start. But if you need the exact size room and the sun coming in at the same time each and every day - then you're setting yourself up for a miserable time. Over the years I have worked with many clients, and have watched more than a few great deals lost because of the way it was approached.
Below are some of things that you may want to consider on your Home Search:
Can you REALLY Afford to Spend That Much?
Set the budget before you start looking and stick with it. Don't let anyone but your Lender tell you what you will be able to afford. This is their job and they have set formulas that will confirm what you can and can't afford. The phrase "well it's only a few dollars a month more" will not work. That few dollars can add up, and in the long run will limit the changes you wanted to do when you first move in. The worst thing you can do is spend over your head, as things will come up which equals putting out more money.

Working with a Real Estate Professionals
When you first start out with your REALTOR, you should be careful what you tell them you can afford. One of the worst responses to any agent is "well between $350,000 and $500,000. Now you're probably think that's crazy and why would anyone do that; but Yes - people say that all the time. My question would be - where do you think most realtors will take you based on that wide open budget?

Searching Online
The figures vary, but I would say that 90% of people at least, will go online to get an idea of what is out there for sale. It's all so easy now with all the new technology that have been given us. If you think back years ago, but I can only imagine what is was like. You had to look in the paper(s) and more than likely when you went to see the property, is was most likely sold. Today you can find out the current status with a click of your mouse.
Once again online searching is great, but there are pros and cons to it. Always, Always call the agent attached to the property. Never just go up to the door and ask to see it. It may sound out there, but people have done this.
Save yourself a lot of time and look at what you can afford. I hear people say "well if it's listed for $200,000 we can offer $175,000". NOT!!!  It just doesn't work that way-no matter what your next door neighbor said he did - (which he probably didn't).
Look at what you can comfortably afford and what your lender has figured out for you. Most websites, including our PIERVIEW PROPERTIES Real Estate website, will have a High and Low price drop-down menu. I would venture to say that more than 60% of people use the High Price and scroll down. Why frustrate yourself? Look at what you can afford.
The best way is to call your agent and tell them what you looked at and hiva the agent do the homework for you. That in itself will save you time, and frustration.

I Want a Huge Backyard With 4 Bedrooms!
Always keep in mind the Bigger the Home the more expensive. Do you really need 4 bedrooms, or will that extra bedroom become a storage room for junk? The same goes for the backyard. Unless you need it for 2 or more dogs, or have many large parties, you really don't need that big of a yard. If you're trying to keep up with the Jone's and must have a 3,500 sq. ft. home instead of a 2,500 home, consider the cost of A/C and Heat. Choosing the right home is basically good common sense in most cases.

The Right Home For You
The word Home doesn't necessarily mean a single family 1 or 2 story home. Today's condominiums are perfect for many. Do you like cutting the grass? How about raking the leaves in the winter, or if you live where the snow is - moving a ton of the white stuff just to get to work? 
Be careful of HOA communities, as they run the area. So if you want a bright red home on the street or 4 motorcycles parked up on the lawn, stay away from HOA. The positive part is that the areas are always well kept which will keep home prices in line. And also watch out for the HOA fees - and ask when the last monthly fee went up. Remember that in a condo if the roof leaks in 1 or 2 units, you will be chipping in on the expenses to repair - which can be very high at times.

Where do you Work?
A few years back I sold a condo to a teacher that said she wanted to have a larger home, but had to move out of the area to get a better price. She moved and Did get a better price. After 2 1/2 years of driving more than 3 hours round trip to the school where she teaches, she is ready to move back in the area where she originally started from. Don't always let the price or size of the home influence you on where you will live. If you can't afford the larger home then downsize. Who wants to spend hours driving back and fourth if you really don't have to?Sure your home is huge - to bad you are to tired to enjoy it!

The Famous "Fixer Upper"
This Not for the timid. You have looked around and found a nice home that will need some work - in fact the more you look it now becomes Major Work! You spend your nights watching FLIP programs on T.V and think "We can do ours in a few weeks". What you don't see is they are professionals and do it for a living. They also do not show you how long it really takes; it's only a 1/2 hour show. Don't be fooled by the shows. And lets' not forget the amount of money you could be spending. Even if you hire a reputable general contractor there are always going to be hidden expenses which the contractor can't even see. Be very Careful!

You Will Know It When You See It
Most will look and look for a home. I personally had a client that looked at 42 homes over a 6 month period. Now I'm not suggesting in anyway that you look at that many homes, but don't let anyone rush you into a home. Your the one paying the mortgage, not your best friend. As we all are aware, this IS the most expensive item you will ever buy for most of us unless your on the "Trump" family tree.
Federico Filippi/Webmaster

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