Thursday, July 30, 2015


As a Seller, the square footage of a home can work for or against you. Buyers tend to think bigger is better, but your smaller home may actually feel more spacious than one that has a bigger footprint. Or your large home may actually be more livable than lavish square footage would suggest.

So how do you get the true character of your home across to buyers-by showing your living space to advantage? Living space is defined as >>>
space that is roofed, enclosed and finished for human occupancy; heated and cooled; and directly accessible from another living space.

Tax authorities will typically measure from the exterior of the home, length times width. That's one reason why square footage often doesn't reflect the livability of a home or explain why the interior may seem much smaller than exterior square footage.

What this all means is  "Don't try this on your own - let the Pro's do it"!

So if square footage numbers don't seem in your favor, talk to PIERVIEW PROPERTIES Real Estate  agents about ways to make what you have more attractive to buyers. You can showcase your floor-plan to advantage through videos, photos, staging and lighting. Bright, sunny spaces appear larger than dark closed spaces, so open the curtains and let the light in. Always keep the lights on for showings.

The one thing that can ruin a sale is Clutter; as this takes up valuable real estate and messy rooms are distracting. Remove and store all those end tables, throw rugs and excess furniture so that each room functions well. The idea is to stage the home for optimum traffic flow. And on a side note - buyers will look at Everything - so clean up those Closets.

If you have the computer, books etc., on the dining room table - clear them off. Counter-tops should be clear of large cookie jars, bowls,and anything else that just doesn't belong.

And last but not least - be sure to put a disclaimer on all of your Marketing (brochures, flyers etc).
"All third-party measurements are approximate. Buyers must rely solely on their own investigation of the property and satisfy themselves that this property is suitable for their needs."

Your Real Estate Agent should always put "Approximate " after the Square Footage.

As we all know, you only get One Chance to Show your Home - So make it look Great!


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