Friday, October 16, 2015

If You're Selling Your Home - 

Will You Listen?

You went ahead and listed your home with another real estate agent, and He or She probably gave you some advice - but if you're like a lot of sellers, you probably didn't follow it - OR....maybe it wasn't explained to you properly. So two months later and gee..."No Offers".

The current market in Oceanside Is a Seller's market - but that's IF you have your home Buyer Ready.
Selling a home is not easy, and you will have to put a little work and maybe some money into it.
So if you don't have a few dollars to fix up your home and don't really have the time...then you should schedule the sale for another time.

When you finally do sit down with your Agent from PIERVEW PROPERTIES Real Estate - be honest. This is not the time to hide repairs or other issues, because in the long run it will rear its ugly head. If your agent knows the issues up front - He or She can guide you through the process prior to you actually listing your Home.

A few ideas that will Help You!
1. Will you listen? - You've Overpriced Your Home. One of Pierview Properties Real Estate agents would have had comps to show you what has been recently sold in the past few months in your area. You need to have a full and complete understanding of what is actually happening in your neighborhood. What this means is NOT listening to your friends that sold their home 15 miles away. Pierview Properties Real Estate agents will take the time needed to guide you in the right direction.

Keep this in mind - if you haven't had any interest in your home within the first 2 weeks of your listing - your probably too High.

2. Will you listen? - Too much Junk - Let me put it this way. Would you buy a home that looked like a tornado hit it - from the inside? Of course you wouldn't, so why do you think that Buyers will like closet doors that can't close because too much junk, a hundred magnets on the fridge and so much furniture you can't even walk? Try and look at this from how You would like to see a home for sale.

3. Will You Listen? - Repaint - This is Not the time to get crazy with colors. White and neutral colors always win! You don't need to spend a fortune on your home, and paint does wonders. On the outside make sure that the paint is not chipping or pealing. A new buyer will instantly take that into consideration and try and knock down your listing price.

4. Will you listen? - Repairs. Any buyer out there will try and find ways to knock down your asking price. If they see bad carpet, holes in the walls, tap water in the kitchen that has poor water flow etc., they will use it to their advantage. The only way to do it properly is to start at the front of the home - and end up in the farthest part of your backyard, if you have one, and take notes.

5. Will You Listen? - Staging. If your furniture needs a few repairs, lamps that you won at the carnival - then you need to change it out. Sometimes it's as easy as moving a few things around and putting the excess in the garage. Pierview Properties Real Estate Agents can guide you with that.
Now if you have furniture that will pass - then great. Just make sure you don't have too much in the living room area. People want space and clean lines. They want to put in their minds what they could do with the room. If you have an office in your home, then keep all fax machines and other office equipment there - and not in the kitchen or other rooms. Having a room with too much confuses buyers and makes the home look crowded and messy.
Having the dinner table set may sound crazy, but it looks good. And most important keep the drapes and curtains open. The brighter the better!

6. Will You Listen?  Clean - Clean - Clean! Your home must be the cleanest in the neighborhood. The kitchen can't have the counter-tops full of appliances. Put them away for the time being.
The floors must be like floors in the hospital. Buyers will look at 2 main areas in the home - the kitchen and bathrooms. In the bathroom if you have an old shower curtain toss it. Leaky faucet - fix it.
Most of having your home ready is just good common sense.
Do you remember when you bought your first home - and what you looked for?.....

Let any one of our experienced Agents from PIERVIEW PROPERTIES Real Estate help you out!
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