Saturday, January 24, 2015

Use Mortgage Insurance to Buy a Home Sooner

One of the services that enables borrowers to buy homes without making large down-payments is mortgage insurance (MI.)
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While all loans by nature are risky, borrowers who put 20 percent down, or who refinance with 20% equity in their homes, are considered to be good risks. They have "skin in the game" that they don't want to lose and that helps protect the lender, too.
Many first-time and low-income>

Is It Time To Rent Your Home?

As a homeowner, you may be considering moving up to a larger home or a home in a different area. If you've built enough equity, it's a good time to sell because you can cover closing costs when you sell and have enough to put down on another home. But you might want to consider renting your home instead.
Rent Your Current Home Out and Buy  New Home-PIERVIEW PROPERTIES Real Estate
There are several reasons why renting a home you already own is a good idea. You used leverage to buy it, and you can also use that same leverage to get into another home while retaining an asset that's already building equity.
You may have more of a market for your home than you may think. Buyer demographics have changed a lot since the beginning of the housing recovery. Investors have decreased and first-time buyers have increased. Both targeted affordable homes at the entry level or>