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Make sure you have The Best Agent when Selling Your Home-www.TanYourHideInOceanside.com
Choosing a Real Estate Agent could mean financial disaster if you choose the wrong one. The goal in selling your home is - “Make Money” - Not lose it.
But how do you know if you’ve picked the right agent? With thousands of real estate brokerage firms in the U.S. you will have many agents and websites to choose from.
Check out these recommendations for vetting potential real estate agents, and you’ll find the selling process far smoother.

After All This IS a Job Interview: Signing up with a real estate agent is actually hiring an individual to perform a service, so treat it like any job interview – where you are the employer. David Albert Broker-Owner of PIERVIEW PROPERTIES Real Estate always says - Ask questions, interview more than one candidate and make a final decision when you are comfortable with the individual, after you have done your Homework!
As many as 2 out of 3 buyers and sellers select the first agent they meet, which can easily end in disaster if rushed.
Most of the time the seller wants to get started as soon as possible, and may make rash decisions, that may turn out to be a poor decision. Keep in mind that this individual will be working with you for anywhere from a month to much longer.
Communication is Key: The real estate agent needs to understand your needs as a client, which is a very important part of selling your home, or possibly finding you a new one.
Does the agent listen? Does the agent follow up with your questions, requests and needs? What is your initial gut feeling?
Ask Around Town: You, the seller should also check for references. Ask the agents you are interviewing for the information of previous clients, and take the time to call around to other professionals in the local market to get a feel for their reputation.
The ability of an agent working with others in the business is essential to the success of the selling your home. If your agent is not friendly with other area agents, others may not want to deal with him/her and show your home to prospective buyers.
How will the Agent Market Your Home: In your initial meeting with a potential agent, you should expect him/her to show you everything the agent will do in the selling of your home. Always ask for a step by step marketing plan; not just "Will Do Our best".
Have the agent show you how he/she marketed other properties in your IMMEDIATE AREA!
Most of the marketing will take place online, but there are other ways as in direct mail, flyers and magazines. Social media is another way of marketing your home.
Listing Price-Very Important: This is by far very crucial in the entire process. If you list to high you will lose potential buyers. To low and you may end up actually losing money. Don’t let dollar signs cloud your judgment. Look carefully at Closed Sales in "Your Area", within the past 4-6 months.
Some, not all, agents will list your home higher just to get the listing. This is where you must do your homework. Ask the agent what was the list to sell percentage on his/her last three to five homes.
You will also want to know what percentage your agent is giving the other side. If the percentage is low - this could deter some agents not showing your home. Hiring an agent who agrees to the lowest commission rate isn’t necessarily a smart way to go either. 

Trust Your Gut Feeling: Keep in mind that when you list your home, your real estate agent will be privy to your personal and financial information. Make sure that you feel good about the agent and that he/she has Your best interests in mind.

License Verify - B.R.E. in California <click  - ALWAYS go online - Or call the Real Estate Board in your local area, and make sure the agent is currently licensed prior to signing any documents. With most real estate boards, you can check and see if he/she has had any issues. You can also call the agents Broker regarding the agent.
As this will more than likely be the largest investment of your life....DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

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