Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Do I Really Need A Professional Photographer To Photograph Our Home When Selling?

When we need Legal Advice, we call an Attorney. How about when we need someone to figure out our very complex Tax Return - We Call a Tax Accountant

So why when we are Selling our most Expensive Possession, do we expect other than a Professional Photographer to do the job?

Sure it's cheaper to let your cousin or student in school to do the photography, but do they know what it takes to get the job done?

Many factors are faced with taking the photographs. Advance preparation, staging, angels, lighting, and most important the final product chosen to let the public view.

There is so much more than just buying a camera and pointing it at the home and rooms. Just take a look at Architectural Digest. Sure it might cost more, but it's done the right way. And this is not just for Million Dollar Homes. Every Home should be Professionally Photographed-Period! 
Your Real Estate Agent is doing all She-He can do to sell your home,so help them out with Professional Photos.
As the saying goes; You get One Chance to make a First Impression.

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