Thursday, June 21, 2018

Selling Your Home?
Don't Expect to get back ALL that Money Back You're about to Put into Upgrades.
Starting a major construction project when trying to sell your home is more than likely Not the thing to do in some respects.

There are many websites on-line that will tell you if you spend X amount of dollars on re-doing your bathroom for example, you will receive a certain, sometimes greater, percentage amount back which is not always correct. Those figures may be somewhat dependent on areas that you do not live in.

Now this is not saying if you have a cracked bathtub, an oven from the early 1900's or the front yard fence needs repair and paint; of course those items need to be addressed.
The key phrase here is "Curb Appeal". This is the first thing
your potential buyer will see when they drive up to your home. You could spend $15,000 on a new bathroom, but the grass is dead, the front door is the original when you purchased the home twenty years ago, and the paint or varnish is pealing.

It's important to understand that many home buyers are going to do their own remodeling when they move in.

If you are dead-set on going to do any type of remodel, always look at the kitchen first, as this will probably be the best for your return. Now this doesn't mean a complete rebuild. You can repaint the cabinets, replace leaky faucets, add updated hardware, and if needed - change out dated light fixtures. 

If the carpets and windows are dirty, have them cleaned. What you are trying to show your buyer is a clean and organized and uncluttered home.

Simply do the obvious repairs and paint where needed in your home (always Neutral or Off White - Never White). Remember that the buyer will have an inspection done on your home. This could lead to items that must be repaired prior to the sale of your home. Save your money for that!

Your best bet is to have one of our experienced and seasoned Real Estate Agents at PIERVIEW PROPERTIES Real Estate walk the home with you and give you their professional advice, as this is the person that will be working with potential buyers. 
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